About the Artist  -  Judy Imeson

Canadian artist, Judy Horan tells how she got started on her artistic journey.

 I started drawing very young, as all children do. 
But as most children stop at some point due to other interests;
this WAS my interest. 
I delved into the Arts  and continued my education as an "Art Special", 
finding solace in music and the visual arts.
Always an introvert, I was inspired by my father's encouragement to see beyond the obvious and I  found a way to outwardly express myself through these outlets.
I was particularly drawn to pen & ink, watercolour painting, acrylic painting and sculpting, and my creativity seemed to flourish as I refined my skill set.

When my kids were born, I allowed my saxophone & easel to collect dust
while I used my sewing skills to make a living. 
Ultimately, I worked in the corporate world and tried to keep creative on the side.
We had quite the creative household with my growing family
and they are very unique in their creative abilities and my children have
thrived into the young adults they are today.  They are my pride & joy.

I am now a full time artist; sharing my passion for art, coaching art, and originating and designing my own conceptions of art.

I am always ready with a camera to capture the unexpected opportunity of a perfect sunset,
an early morning fog or mist,
or close-up of a beautiful flower in that moment of perfection.

Many artists have artistically enthused me over the years , from the Grand Masters to Contemporary,
but the Canadian history of art is particularly significant to THIS proud Canadian.
Canadian Favourites are Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, AJ Casson, Alex Colville, Robert Bateman,
David McEown to name just a few.
My  time now is spent creating art, sharing and coaching art with Seniors, and Paint Night socials, nature walks
(always with my camera), reading and as always, listening to an eclectic array of music, including Jazz, Classical,
Classic Rock, Easy Listening, even some metal  .... just about anything that is creative.

ART.circle - Social Art

It's NOT an Art Class but a Social Event where you paint

  • Social Painting with Friends
  • Private Painting Parties
  • Corporate Painting Events
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Painting as a Fundraiser



I instruct art with seniors in Retirement Homes. 
It is very rewarding to bring back that creative outlet to seniors
who don't have the materials or the room any longer
since moving to the retirement home
or with those who just want to try something new. 
Classes can be tailored to accommodate all levels of creative skill and interest.
Drawing Classes,  Watercolour Painting Classes, Acrylic Painting Classes

I would love to consider any additional types of art classes
that the Activities Director or the residents might be interested in. 

If you are a Retirement Home administrator or a senior in a home who would like more information on programs that Seniors Create can provide,
please feel free to contact us.

Visit:  facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SeniorsCreate

          website:   https://www.ArtCircle-SocialArt.ca/Seniors-Create.php

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