Serenity in  Nature

TREES . . . . . the ultimate symbol of nature

Trees are the most spiritually advanced living beings on the Earth who are constantly meditative;
subtle energy is what they speak as a language.

Trees can help open your energy channel and help them reciprocate with healing their blockages.
A relationship with the tree is a mutually beneficial one which needs to be nourished.

Winter Retreat
Silver Birch
Trees in the Fog
Mist Among the Birches
Twin Birches
Copper Twilight
Birch Forest (wc)
Golden Birch
Birch Trees
The Birch Forest
Winter Hideaway
Into the Light
Twilight Creek
WATER . . . FLOWERS . . . GROUND COVER . . . PLANTS . . . etc.

Nature at its finest

Wild Mushrooms

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